Personalize Your Own Jewelry - Making Your Own Bride Necklace

Summary: A new selection of personalized jewelry lessons; this is a first one that is about making your own graceful bride necklace with pearls, buttons and chains.

To personalize your own jewelry requires a series of capabilities including creativity, sensibility, sharp eye for trends and nimble mind. Factually you need to find a proper way to make the personalized jewelry for a specific occasion; therefore when planning to make your own necklace, for example, for a wedding, what materials do you prefer and color?


Materials and tools:

Square Shell buttons

8mm white glass pearls

0.3mm silvery copper wire

0.3mm tiger tail wire

Silvery iron chain

S hook and eye clasp

Crimp beads

Crimp bead covers

Eye pins

Head pin

Round nose pliers 

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters


Step 1: make the upper layer of the necklace

1st, pick a piece of 30cm tiger tail wire, loop one end and secure it by crimping with pliers;

2nd, use a silvery crimp cover to hide the crimp bead;

3rd, string about 38 pearls, loop the other end and crimp it in the same way as in 1st process;

4th, cut off excess wire and tuck the end into beads; the beaded chain is done;

5th, thread pearls onto eye pins and make two beaded links;

6th, attach them onto both ends of the bead chain;

7th, the upper layer of the necklace is done.


Step 2: make the lower layer of necklace

1st, cut 4 pieces of iron chains that all measure 11cm;

2nd, pick a piece of copper wire that is about 15cm long and use it to combine button, pearl and chain together;

3rd, the lower layer of the necklace is done.


Step 3: finish the bride necklace

1st, prepare 4 eye pin beaded links, 1 head pin beaded dangle and 2 piece of 14cm iron chain;

2nd, add bead links and 14cm chains to both ends of lower layer;

3rd, connect the upper layer to the lower layer;

4th, attach S hook and eye clasp to the end of the whole necklace and hook the little bead dangle to the end chain.


The final look is like this:

Tada! This personalized bride necklace is done. You see, making your own necklace is not as difficult as you expected; making a bride necklace is simple with this tutorial. If you have any good ideas about personalized jewelry making, just tell us!

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