How to Make Bracelets- Great Personalized Jewelry for Kids

Summary: How to make bracelets for kids? Mothers always love to make jewelry for their kids. But some may not know how to make it. This is a piece of great personalized jewelry for kids. You can make it for your kids.

Mothers like to dress up their children beautiful and let them wear cute jewelry. But on the market, it`s almost always the same jewelry for kids. Do you want to create personalized jewelry for kids? This post will teach you how to make bracelets. You can make one for your kids.


Suppliers needed in making personalized jewelry for kids:

White and blue pearl beads

Nylon wire

Side cutting pliers

How to make cute bracelets?


Step 1: String 8 white pearl beads and cross through the last one to get a loop. Mark the upper wire red and another end green.

Step 2: Supply four beads to each wire. And then cross two wires through a green bead. And then slide a green pearl bead to each wire. At last, cross the wires through another green bead.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 until it is long enough for a bracelet. Thread two wires through a larger pearl bead and a green pearl bead. And then pass the wires back through the larger pearl bead. At last, tie a knot.

Step 4: Prepare another wire. Slide 9 white pearl beads onto the wire. And cross through a green pearl bead on the center of the bracelet. Then thread the wires through green pearl beads on each side and cross through the last white pearl bead. At last, supply 9 white pearl beads in all onto the wires and tie a knot.


So you get personalized jewelry for kids! I believe you have mastered how to make bracelets. Actually, it is very easy to make this bracelet if you understand the picture. Hope your kids like it.

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