Handcrafted Bowknot Bracelet - Create Your Own Charm Bracelet with Wires and Beads

Summary: These instructions will teach you how to craft a bowknot bracelet with aluminum wire, copper wire and frosted beads; then you can create your own handcrafted bracelet.

This handcrafted bowknot bracelet looks refined and complicated, however it’s actually easy to create. With the guides below, you can create your own charm bracelet in the same way; rest assured you are able to successfully finish it in fast time, as we are here with you.


Materials and tools:

1.5mm silvery aluminum wire

0.8mm silvery copper wire

0.5mm silvery copper wire

8mm transparent acrylic frosted beads

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters



Step 1: Make bowknot bangle

1st, cut 7 pieces of aluminum wire that all measure about 23-25cm, bind them up with 0.8mm copper wire and then give a slight curl to the bundle;

2nd, give each wire a curl, shaping them into bowknot;

3rd, bind the ends of the bowknot;

4th, 2-3cm away bind up the ends of this bangle;

5th, loop the bangle ends inwardly.


Step 2: Adorn bowknot with beads

1st, coil around the bottom wire of butterfly wings 10 plus times with 0.5mm copper wire;

2nd, add a frosted bead, coiling around wire upwardly;

3rd, continue adding beads and coiling wire until you run out of the 12 beads.


Step 3: Make the clasp

1st, cut a 15cm length of aluminum wire, wrap it into a hook clasp and cut off extra wire;

2nd, with round nose pliers use the extra wire to prepare a large jump ring;

3rd, attach clasp and jump ring to the ends of the bowknot bracelet.


The final look is like this:


Tada! The handcrafted bowknot bracelet is done. If you can finish the craft bracelet all by yourself it is a great progress; our tutorial is always displayed for your immediate reference, you’d be confident enough to create your charm bracelet. 

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