Designing Jewelry at Home – How to Create a Ring Pendant

Summary: How to create jewelry? You may have many ideas about designing jewelry by yourself at home. In this post, we will tell you how to make a gorgeous jewelry. Please follow our steps to make it.

Actually designing jewelry is not a difficult thing. Here, we use various shiny beads to make a nice pendant. You can use it to make any other jewelry  you want. Having said all this, are you interested in making this jewelry? You will know how to create a ring pendant if you follow our steps. Let’s make it.


Supplies needed in designing jewelry:

10mm acrylic rhinestone pendant

Seed beads

6mm and 4mm pearl beads

Bead caps

Leaf decorations

Bottom case

Round base

Round base with holes

Nylon wire

How to create jewelry?

Step 1: Place the 10mm acrylic rhinestone pendant onto the bottom case and use flat nose pliers to squeeze the claws to the bead.


Step 2: Thread the wire through the beads and leaf decorations, and add them to the round base through the holes, successively. 


Step 3: Add the golden flower by the wire threading the center of the four pearl beads. So the focal part is finished.


Step 4: Attach the focal part to the same size of round base.


Done! You get a beautiful pendant. You can use it to make a ring by attaching it to a ring base. So you know how to create a ring pendant. Hope we can have chance to design jewelry together next time.

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