Create Your Own Charms- Designing Your Ring

Summary: Designing your ring can allow you to have a piece of special jewelry. And you can create your own charms. If you don’t know how to make a ring, you can follow our instructions to do it.

Everyone wants to be the special one in a crowd. You should create your own charms to do it. And jewelry always makes us more beautiful and eye- catching. So it is necessary for us to make our own jewelry. Next, we will show you how to design your ring.


Supplies needed to create your own charms:

8-hole Rectangle acrylic beads

Pearl beads

Seed beads

Glass beads

Swarovski crystal beads

Nylon wire

Side Cutting pliers

How to design your ring?

Step 1: Make the focal acrylic bead part

1st, slide a glass bead onto the wire to start and make sure the two ends of the wire are equal. Thread one pearl bead, then pass it through the hole 1 on rectangle acrylic bead and out from hole 3, then slide a pearl bead, a glass bead and a pearl bead, thread the wire through hole 2 and out from hole 4 on the right side. Repeat the same processes with the other wire end;

2nd, slide a pearl bead on each end of the wire and then cross the two ends through a glass bead to form a loop;

3rd, thread the wire through its next pearl bead and add two seed beads, and then thread back through the first seed bead. Then keep adding seed beads between two glass beads as the picture shows. At last, cross the wires through the lower glass bead.


Step 2: Continue to adorn the focal part

1st, take the right wire end, slide on five Swarovski crystal beads and then feed it through the adjacent glass bead. Keep adding the Swarovski crystal beads another 3 times. At last, thread the wire through the bottom glass bead;

2nd, thread the left wire (marked red) through its left pearl bead, and two seed beads and then go under the newly- added Swarovski crystal beads;

3rd, add 11 seed beads onto the wire and thread through the outer bead on right side. Direct the wire under the Swarovski crystal beads. Repeat adding the 12 seed bead units and weave the wire up and down the Swarovski crystal beads another 3 times;

4th, thread the wire through the first 11 seed beads added and then the two seed beads and a glass bead. Then tie a knot with the two ends.


Step 3: Make the ring band

Cut another lengthen of wire, slide five seed beads onto it. Then slide a pearl bead onto the wire and cross it through another seed bead to form a loop. Continue creating the beaded loop until it is long enough for your ring size. At last, slide five seed beads onto either of the wire and secure with a knot.


Step 4: Add on the focal beaded part

Connect two ends of the ring band to the focal beaded part with two small jumprings. 


So you have designed your ring! It is beautiful. You can use different styles of beads to make it. Hope this tutorial can help you to create your own charms.

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