Style 8: Attaching a Bail with Celtic Spiral Bail

Summary: This technique will tell you how to make a pretty pendant with an ordinary bead. Please learn it with us and you will like it.


Step 1: Wrap the bead.

1st, slide a bead onto a wire.

2nd, wrap the wire around the bead as the picture shown below.

3rd, continue wrapping the wire around the bead.

4th, wrap the wire around another piece of wire for two wraps.


Step 2: Wrap the two pieces of wires around a round object.


Step 3: Cut off the extra wires leaving 4-5mm.


Step 4: Wrap the wire around the round nose pliers layer by layer.


Step 5: Repeat step4 for the other wire.


The finished project is very interesting and pretty. It can be a great pendant for a necklace.

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