DIY Coiled Bead Earrings - Simple Jewelry Making Instructions

Summary: 1 step to make coiled beads, 2 steps to hang chain fringe, and then the dainty pair of coiled bead earrings is finished in a few minutes; this is a simple jewelry making project.

I think that coiled beads are very funky and that they can be applied in many jewelry making projects; this time I want to put these chic coiled beads into an earring project and hope you will like it!


Materials and tools:

0.5mm gold copper wire

Gold eye pins

Black iron chains

8mm purple bicone beads

Iron ear hooks

2mm silvery aluminum wire

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters



Step 1: Make coiled beads

1st, pick a 30cm piece of copper wire and coil it around 2mm aluminum wire;

2nd, when the coiling reaches about 4cm, cut off extra wire;

3rd, the coiled bead is done, and repeat to make another one.


Step 2: Add chain fringe

1st, pick a piece of copper wire that measures about 10cm and cut 6 pieces of black chain that measure 4cm;

2nd, wrap its short tail around the long tail after sliding a purple bicone bead on it;

3rd, slide one 4cm chain on and wrap the long tail to finish it;

4th, prepare 6 chains of this kind and attach 3 of them to each coiled bead;

Step 3: finish the chic earrings

Attach ear hooks to the whole dangles.


The final look is like this:


Now this simple jewelry making tutorial is done; I love this coiled bead earrings very much; when coiling wire beads, you’d be sure its diameter is shorter than the eyelet of eye pin, avoiding the circumstance that the eye pins cannot secure the coiled beads.

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