Design Your Jewelry with Beads for Earring Making

Summary: We may have many ideas about our jewelry. And in this article we will tell you a way to make earrings. Please prepare the beads for earrings making and design your jewelry.

Designing your jewelry is a fun thing and it is easy to do if you follow our steps. You can use the beads as you want. We used black beads to make these earrings.


Materials and tools needed in designing your jewelry:

Rondelle Swarovski crystal beads



Brass chains

Crimp bead

Brass hoop earrings

How to design your jewelry earrings?


Step 1: Connect two chains to a jumpring and slide the jumpring onto the loop of the brass hoop earrings.

Step 2: Thread a headpin through one chain and then slide a bead onto it. Then thread the headpin though out from the same position of another chain. At last slide a crimp bead onto the headpin and squeeze it with flat nose pliers. Cut off the extra part of the headpin.

Step 3: Repeat step2 with two beads for about five groups and with one bead for the last group.

Step 4: Connect the two ends of the two chains with a jumpring.

Step 5: Slide several short chains onto the last jumpring.

Step 6: Slide a bead onto a headpin and make a loop over the bead.

Step 7: Connect the newly- made simple loop to a short chain. 

Done! So you get beautiful earrings. You can see designing your jewelry is not a difficult thing. So buy some beads to make more earrings!

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