Create Your Own Jewelry- Fashion Jewelry Sets

Summary: Everyone wants a fashion jewelry set. Jewelry makes us more beautiful. And if you want a unique set, you can create your own jewelry.

In this article, we want to teach you how to create your own jewelry. It is a fashion jewelry set. You can make it with us if you have interest in it. I believe you will like it.

Supplies needed to create your own jewelry:

6mm Bicone glass beads

Rhinestone links





Lobster claw clasp

Earring hooks

How to make a fashion jewelry set?

Step 1: Create the dangles

Slide the proper beads onto headpins as picture shows. Make the top 6~7cm into a loop and then remove all excess pins.

Step 2: Make the necklace

1st, make tassel pendant. Cut a 12-links chain, open the loops of dangles and hook onto the chain links;

2nd, design an end chain with another length of short chain and a rhinestone pendant;

3rd, cut another 14.5cm long chain, break the chain and adorn it with a rhinestone link and attach it with jumprings. Attach on the lobster claw clasp and end chain with 2 jumprings;

4th, slide on the prepared tassel pendant and your necklace of the jewelry set is finished.

Step 3: Make earrings.

1st, make 6 dangles;

2nd, hang the dangles onto different links of a short chain and then add an earring hook.

 Step 4: Make bracelet

1st, make 5 dangles with beads and eyepins;

2nd, connect the dangles and rhinestone links into a bracelet chain. Add a lobster claw clasp to the end of the chain as picture shows.


So your fashion jewelry set has been finished. This article can help you to create your own jewelry or inspire you to make more jewelry. 

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