DIY Iridescent Bracelet Tutorial - Make Iridescent Bracelet out of Beads and String

Summary: Here is guidance on making iridescent bracelets with little cost. You can learn making beaded iridescent bracelets quickly with the help of detailed instructions and major diagrams.

The iridescent bracelets are fabulous and easy to make, to make this handmade beaded bracelet, just follow these simple instructions.


Steps on Making the iridescent bracelet out of beads and string:

1. Prepare the materials: 1mm nylon thread and Acrylic Beads. Choose different color beads, so that you can create the iridescent effect.


2. Fold the thread from the middle and tie an overhand knot.

3. Cross both ends through a bead and tense the threads.


4. Repeat to string beads until the length fit for your wrist. 

5. Tie a fast knot and cut off the excess threads.

You can see the fantastic iridescent bracelet is sparkling by the sunlight! Don’t you think it is beautiful? 

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Oct 15, 2017 at 10:37 AM Clayshia Willis

Can you show how to finish a knot that won't slide out?