Stone Jewelry Making - Build Your Own Statement Necklace

Summary: This tutorial on building your own necklace features a stone, the very trendy turquoise bead, plus two types of anti-bronze chain, tiger tail wire and two lobster claw clasps. Super easy and fun!

Building your own necklace can be rewarding, and sometimes worthwhile and amusing. Turquoise is naturally one of my favorite materials to work with. Jewelry making out of such kind of stones can be tailored to your taste as well as any trendy stylishness.


Supplies needed in the stone necklace

Turquoise bead strand

Anti-bronze chain (2 types)


Crimp Bead

Lobster Claw Clasp

0.5mm Tiger Tail Wire

Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers


How to build the turquoise necklace?

Step 1: Create the focal beaded strand

1st, cut a 40cm long piece of wire, pass through the jumpring and pull the two ends to be equal;

2nd, slide a crimp bead. Push up and clamp near the jumpring;

3rd, string five selected turquoise beads;

4th, orderly add a crimp bead and a jumpring on the other end. Take the wire to go back through the crimp bead, pull the wire snugly and squeeze the crimp bead. Trim off the excess wire and that’s the focal stone part.


Step 2: Prepare the decorative chain strands

1st, take two strands of thinner chain, measuring 18cm and 28cm long;

2nd, attach a clasp on two ends of chain strands, with a jumpring.


Step 3: Build your own necklace

1st, measure the required length needed for the thicker chain;

2nd, cut the needed chain and mark its center;

3rd, on one end of the beaded strand, open the jumpring and hook the center chain link. Then close it off;

4th, on the other end, open the jumpring and hook the last link on two ends. Close the jumpring as before;


After that you’ll see the semi-finished necklace as below:


5th, lift the chain adornment, open the two lobster clasps and attach to the beaded strand.




You’re done now. Admire it and then wear it or pass it on to others. All friends and family will love the way you built your own necklace very much! Be aware of all episodes in life and let them provide inspirations!

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