One-String Jewelry Designs to Make within 15 Minutes

Summary: Here is a jewelry design to make with only one strand of 2mm nylon thread. With the same weaving pattern (doing Sun knots), you can finish your new friendship bracelet within 15 minutes.

Following jewelry designs to make with strings is something that most girls do during their formative years. While you can browse plenty of patterns online, the one-string design is the most easy-to-do project. Today we’ll show you a 15-minutes friendship bracelet tutorial, in which you’ll merely need to work the sun knots one and one.


Supplies needed in the design:

2mm Nylon Thread




How to start the bracelet design to make with one string?

Step 1: Work your first sun knot

Unlike the sun knot tying techniques in our learning center, here we divide the knot into two parts:

1st, cut a length of 2mm nylon thread, fold in half;

2nd, create a loop with right working end, keep the end over the vertical parallel lines;

3rd, work the second loop using the left working end, over the right end. Go under the folded loop and then through the first loop from back to front;

4th, make the folded loop a proper size and then pull the ends tautly and this is one part of the sun knot. ;

5th, repeat the processes 1~4 with left working end firstly;

6th, tighten your ends. 

You’ve done your first complete sun knot!


Step 2: Repeat the same pattern

Keep working the sun knot in step 1 one after one.


Step 3: Make the closure

Create a button knot at end. Trim off the excess thread and melt the cut with lighter.




Besides, you can choose to add beads for a brand new version or to customize the jewelry design accords to your individual needs, such as the bracelet design to make with other’s name on or something else. Whatever, we hope you’ll like today’s friendship bracelet make with one single string.

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