Statement Beaded Jewelry Set-Create Your Own Ring and Necklace

Summary: Find great statement beaded jewelry set to make? Here, you’ll be taught how to make your own beaded ring and necklace with one basic pattern. All steps are showed in details with illustration!

In this tutorial you will learn to make a sparkly beaded jewelry set including a beaded ring and necklace accented with black leaf-shape glass bead and glamorous clear and blue crystal beads. So, are you ready to bring your summer dress to life with this beaded jewelry set?


Supplies needed for your beaded jewelry set

4mm Bicone Swarovski Crystal Bead (Transparent)

3mm Bicone Swarovski Crystal Bead (Blue)

16mm Leaf-shape Glass Bead

2mm Round Seed Bead (clear & gold)

0.35mm Tiger Tail Wire


Side Cutting Pliers

How to create the beaded ring and necklace set?

Step 1: Create the basic beaded pattern

1st, cut a 50cm strand of wire;

2nd’ slide four 2mm round seed beads and form the loop 1 at center;

3rd, on the left working end, string: one 4mm crystal bead, one 3mm crystal bead, two leaf-shape glass beads, one 3mm crystal bead, one 4mm crystal bead;

4th, take the right working end. Thread it through the adjacent 2mm seed bead and then the last 4mm crystal bead. This will be the loop 2;

5th, repeat the procedure above for the loops 3, 4;

6th, for Loop 5, take the right end to thread through the last 2mm seed bead in loop 1. Then add one 4mm crystal bead and one 3mm crystal bead per wire. Finally, pass the two ends through the two leaf-shape glass beads from different directions;

7th, supply one 4mm crystal bead between each two leaf-shape glass beads. Exit the wire at the last 4mm crystal bead.

The processes 1~7 form a basic beaded pattern then.


Step 2: Create your own ring

1st, add three 2mm round seed beads per wire and then cross through one another;

2nd, create the beaded loop with four and six seed beads alternately;

3rd, when the length fits for your fingers properly, redo step1 again and then feed the ends through the opposite 4mm crystal bead from opposite directions;

4th, weave the wire back through all beads on edges and add the blank with one seed bead;

5th, knot the two ends and cut off any leftovers.


Step 3: create your own necklace

1st, add the right beads per wire and make 4 bead loops as the picture shows;

2nd, cut another piece of 50cm long wire pass through the right two leaf-shape glass beads on the top half;

3rd, make the beaded chain for your necklace as pattern shows;

4th, repeat the same actions for the left two leaf-shape glass beads;

5th, add on the clasp.



Mix a few black leaf-shape glass beads with clear and blue crystal beads for a one of a kind beaded jewelry set that’s just the right blend of showy and elegant. Just choose your favorit

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