Making Glass Jewelry- Easy-to-Wear Long Necklaces

Summary: Here you’ll learn how to make glass jewelry with flat round glass beads, plus a set of versatile Toggle and T-bar clasp. An easy-to-wear long glass bead necklace!

Make personal jewelry, especially a long glass necklace for yourself, has become one of the most artistic and trendy forms in recent years. If you enjoy making long necklaces and are tired of using conventional beads and findings, you’ll love this pattern then.


Supplies needed in the long glass necklace

12mm Purple Flat Round Glass Bead

8mm Opal Flat Round Glass Bead

Chip Glass Bead

Tibetan Bead

Tibetan Bead Cap




Ribbon End

Suede cord


Toggle and T-bar Clasp

Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

How to make the long glass bead necklace?

Step 1: Prepare the necessary beaded parts

1st, take the eyepin and string the proper bead, create a simple loop at the other end. Here you’ll need 2 units of the 12mm purple flat round glass beads, 2 units of Tibetan beads, then 5 units of 8mm opal flat round glass beads;

2nd, take the headpin, make 1 unit of 12mm purple flat round glass bead and bead cap, then 14 units of chip glass beads;

3rd, prepare 4 strands of chain, each about 3~4cm long.


Step 2: Make the rest of the necklace band

1st, cut two strips of suede cord measuring 15cm long;

2nd, clamp the two ends of suede strips with a ribbon end. Squeeze with pliers until secure.


Step 3: Create your long necklace

1st, connect the elements above using jumprings in this order: suede cord bend, 2 strands of short chain, Tibetan bead, 8mm glass bead, 12mm glass bead, 8mm glass bead, toggle and t-bar clasp, 8mm glass bead, 12mm glass bead, 8mm glass bead, Tibetan bead, 2 short chain strands, suede cord. Close all jumpring s and you’ll get a complete circle;

2nd, hooking the pendant consists of one 8mm glass bead and 12mm glass bead with bead cap onto the toggle;

3rd, adorn the long necklace with chip glass bead dangles.

 Making glass jewelry is a creative, fun and artful project. Those supplies are available in all sorts of colors and styles add a creative touch to handmade jewelry pieces. Use your imagination to fashion any individual long glass necklaces as we showed here.

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