Instructions on Making Your Own Bracelet- Easy Jewelry Making Fit for Kids as Well

Summary: This project is all about making your own dainty bracelet with easy steps and supplies, plus this activity is actually a great way to get kids involved in making easy jewelry and exploring their creativity.

Learning how to make jewelry is a pretty good activity for kids when they are trapped inside due to the blazing sun or pouring rain. And actually, there are a plenty of easy jewelry making projects for kids available that each child can take part in and try expressing themselves. In this project, we will demonstrate how to make your own dainty bracelet, a fun, easy and enchanting item!

Supplies needed while making your own bracelets:

Chip Natural Olive Jade Beads Strand

Handmade Polymer Clay Bead

2mm Round Seed Bead

Ends with Chain and Clasp

Crimp Bead

0.35mm Tiger Tail Wire

Flat Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Scissors (optional)

Details of the easy jewelry making tutorial for kids:

Step 1: Take your wire and attach to the terminator

1st, cut 3 strands of wire measuring 25cm long for each;

2nd, thread the wire through the loop on terminator and anchor with a crimp bead. Do the same with the other 2 wires.


Step 2: Arrange your beads on wire

1st, slide 24~30 seed beads per wire and then braid a 3-strand plait;

2nd, grab all 3 wires and pass through 7~8 chips of natural olive jade beads together;

3rd, add on the focal polymer clay bead. Then another 7~8 chips of natural olive jade beads and the braid consists of 3 seed bead strands.


Step 3: Finish your bracelet

Attach the 3 wire strips to the loop on the other part of terminator, using 3 crimp beads as before. 

Stick the tails in the adjacent seed beads and then trim off the excesses. So, here it is!


There are large amounts of easy jewelry making projects for kids and they love participating so much! Additionally, making your own bracelets with kids and you may get an item totally beyond your thoughts!

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