Ideas for Jewelry Making-Make Your Own Chic Long Necklace

Summary: Free and easy jewelry making ideas: browse the pattern here and learn to make your own necklace with us, a very chic and elegant for vigorous summer!

Making jewelry is easy with these awesome jewelry making ideas and patterns. In this tutorial, we’ll show you a stunning way making your own necklace, a long, chic and attractive necklace out of glossy pearl beads, shimmering crystal beads and lightweight aluminum beads.


Supplies needed while making your own necklace

14mm Tibetan Style Connector

3~4mm Pearl Bead

4mm Bicone Crystal Bead

Aluminum Flower Bead

4mm Rhinestone Bead

2mm Round Seed Bead



Lobster Claw Clasp

End Chain

Cabochon Setting


Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Details of jewelry making ideas

Step1: Arrange the beads onto the Tibetan Style Connector

1st, take a 60cm tiger tail wire and make a beaded circle as the pattern shows;

2nd, weave the two wire ends up and down through the holes, at meanwhile, add on the rhinestone bead, crystal bead, pearl bead and aluminum flower in order;

3rd, tie the two ends firmly and stuck the beaded connector to a matching cabochon setting.


Step2: Design the beaded chain

1st, slide two 2mm round seed beads and one 4mm bicone onto an eyepin, then keep 6cm to create a simple loop;

2nd, cut out two chain segments, about 12.5cm per strand.


Step3: Complement your long necklace

Connect the elements in step 2 for a beaded chain. Try adorning two more aluminum flowers may make another version. Finally, attach on the pendant, two blank chain strips and the clasp and chain end.



There you’ve done the very own necklace! If you’re looking for beading patterns or ideas for your jewelry making business or individual wear, we’ll offer you all things required that you can use to make all kinks of jewelry!

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