Chan Luu Inspired Chunky Beading Earrings

Summary: How to create a piece of chunky beading jewelry that can make a fashion statement? We’ll show you exactly what to do here! Simple materials and skills make big success, within only 20 minutes.

This Wednesday, when I was checking my beading jewelry supplies I dig out a large package of assorted Acrylic Bead, opaque and in glamorous cerise hue. Actually I didn’t remember when brought it here but I really do love the color. Therefore, I came up with this knockoff chunky jewelry, a teardrop earring. I hope you’ll love it!


Things you’ll need in the beading earring:

Assorted Opaque Acrylic Bead (or beads with dia 8mm, 10mm and 14mm)


Earring Hook

0.8mm Brass Wire

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier


Step-by-step instructions for the chunky beaded earring:

Step1: Cut the needed chain segments

1st layer (longest): 26 chain links;

2nd layer (middle): 18 chain links;

3rd layer (shortest): 14 chain links.


Step2: Bead the teardrop pattern

1st, cut a length of wire, measuring 15cm;

2nd, thread one largest 14mm bead to the center, then three 10mm ones and one 8mm one per half end;

3rd, add your first chain by threading the wire through the last link on two ends;

4th, slide another 8 mm bead on each wire and then the second chain;

5th, repeat the 4th process with the shortest chain;

6th, add two 8mm beads per wire;

7th, eyeball to shape your teardrop pendant, then make a wrapped loop at each end.


Step3: Add on the earring hook

Open the loop on earring hook to hold the two wrapped loops of teardrop pendant. See, that’s your first earring!


Just repeat the steps 1~3 and you’ll get a complete pair chunky beading earrings!


Love it? In my case, I love everything inspired by Chan Luu, from the famous wrapped bracelets to these knockoff earrings or anything else. So, just gather your materials and make your own chunky beading jewelry!

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