Basic Wire Jewelry Making Project – Create Your Own Charm Necklace

Summary: How to make basic wire jewelry? Create your own charm necklace out of several drop beads, inches of 0.5mm brass wire and chains. All techniques required are simple and easy-to-master!

To create your own charm necklace, you can use the most basic wire wrapping techniques as well as a few common supplies such as acrylic rhinestone bead and abacus glass bead. And as being regarded as a basic jewelry making project, we have involved all detailed steps in the article. Just enjoy your first experience! 

Supplies needed in the jewelry making project:

Acrylic Rhinestone Bead

10mm Abacus Glass Bead

12mm Tube Glass Bead

Lobster Claw Clasp



0.5mm Brass Wire

Side Cutting Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers


How to create your own charm necklace?

Step 1: Make the adorable charms and other components

1st, take your brass wire and acrylic rhinestone bead, use the technique: how to cover a briolette to turn your beads into dangling charms. Make 5 totally for one necklace;


2nd, get an eyepin, string one 12mm tube glass bead, and make a simple loop at the other end. Make 4 units total;

3rd, replace the 12mm tube bead with 10mm abacus glass bead and make 2 units in the same way;


Step 2: Assemble the 3 components above

1st, open the loop of the tube bead unit, slide on the acrylic rhinestone charm and then another tube bead unit. Repeat this action until you use all of them;

2nd, adorn one 10mm abacus glass bead unit at two ends. 

Step 3: Add on the rest chain

1st, cut two strands of chain, measuring about 12.5cm long for each;

2nd, open the loop of 10mm abacus glass bead units and attach the chain strands on;

3rd, add on the clasp.


Would you like to try the way creating your own charm necklace? Just stay tuned for more basic jewelry making project! It’s actually a pleasure to share all inspirations here with you guys!

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