How to Make Paper Earrings- Pair of Cool Fish Skeleton Earrings

Summary: In this paper earrings tutorial, all things you need are a piece of cardboard, a scissors, a bottle of glue, some Jumprings and a pair of earring hooks. After practicing how to make paper earrings, you can pump up your individual style with these light and cool fish skeleton design.

Whereby this paper earrings tutorial I’d avail myself of this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and respect to those environmentalists. And as a part of nature, we should save and recycle every source we have. Hence, I designed this how to make paper earrings tutorial, in which you can easily turn the household materials into fabulous jewelry ornaments. After done, all you friends will want to own a pair.

Materials needed in paper earrings tutorial:



Ink pen

Round Nose Plier (hand punch)


Earring hooks

How to make paper earrings?

Step1: cut out the needed pieces

Draw the skeleton on the cardboard and cut out with scissors. Each pattern should prepare two pieces for an earring.

Step2: glue the two same patterns

Glue the two same pieces and drill two holes on each;

Then, assemble the separate pieces with Jumprings in accord with what you have designed for your fish skeleton. 

Step3: complete whole paper earrings tutorial

Hook on the earring hooks and repeat the above steps for another piece of pair!

Done! So stylish and eye-catching! No one would ever relate it with the waste cardboard! Just take out the idle packing boxes or other cardboards to design these unique earrings. For more instructions about how to make paper earrings, welcome check out in our pandahall! Nice day!

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