Woven Cloth Beads – Match Well with Your Cloth

Summary: Woven cloth beads, as the name suggests, are woven by cloth. So you can image they are lightweight. Many beads are made up with stones, metals or other materials. But few beads are made with cloth. This character makes woven cloth beads special.

You may think that woven cloth beads are simple and unattractive, but these beads are wrapped with various kinds of cloth with beautiful patterns. You will be very surprised by their qualities. Learn more information about woven cloth beads next.

Our woven cloth beads are available in different sizes and different shapes. These beads are handmade into the sizes from 10mm to 40mm. They are a little larger than other kinds of beads. As for the shape, it includes plants, round, hat, heart, tube, star and so on. They are also made into different colors like yellow, red, blue violet and so on. And there are various beautiful patterns on the surface of the woven cloth beads. 


These incredible beads with acrylic cores are created completely by hand. The beads are relatively light, and the color as well as the style varies. These characteristics make the woven cloth beads great for jewelry making. You can use them to make bracelets, necklaces, hairpins and so on. Wearing the jewelry made by these beads won’t feel heavy. And you can also use them to decorate your clothes, bags and so on. 


We offer you these beads at a reasonable price. You can have a look and order some if you have interest in them.


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