Style 5: Attaching a Bail with a Handmade Wire Wrapped Bail

Summary: This technique won’t let you down. The finished project is very gorgeous. You will love it. And this technique will make your beads more beautiful. Let’s learn it.


Step 1: Attach the bail

1st, bend a wire.

2nd, slide a bead onto it and bend the wire.

3rd, wrap the wires around a round object.

4th, wrap one end of the wire around the wrapped wire.

5th, wrap the other end of the wire around the left wire.

6th, you will get the project as shown below.


Step2: Use a thinner wire to wrap the thick wires


Step 3: Continue wrapping until the thick wires are fully wrapped

Step 4: Slide it onto a chain


It is very beautiful. Follow our steps and you can change an ordinary bead into a great pendant.

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