One Way to Create Your Own Jewelry – Make Beading Bracelets

Summary: Today’s easy craft is about making beaded bracelets; making a beaded bracelet is one simple way to create one’s own jewelry for many beginners.

Creating own jewelry is quite a happy experience for those who love crafting.  However, for several beginners, it can be hard to see  jewelry making as a fun hobby because they are scared to learn what seems like complicated skills and techniques. Therefore we suggest beginning from simplest simple project, such as this beaded bracelet.

1. Trim a piece of tiger tail wire that is  30cm long;

2. Attach a golden lobster clasp to one end by using a crimp bead and a crimp bead cover(golden);

3. String the red copper plated glass beads and stardust beads; attach a golden jump ring to the other end of wire in the same way you did for the previous crimp bead.


After you trim off the extra wire, this beaded bracelet is done. I think beading is a pretty good way to start your journey of creating your own jewelry. 

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