Personalized Charm Necklace Tutorial – DIY Layered Necklaces in Ancient Egyptian Colors

Summary: This personalized layered necklace is particularly interesting for those who want to create some unusual and noble looking jewelry; this one is full of ancient Egyptian colors and mysteries.

Our layered necklace includes gold, navy, blue, lavender and fresh green colors. The combination of these colors is magnificent and such a layered pattern a harmonious look with this given color palette. It has a sort of sedateness, dignity and fascinating mystery to it.


Materials and tools:

0.3mm tiger tail wire

4mm gold silver-lined seed beads

4mm blue silver-lied seed beads

4mm navy silver-lined seed beads

4mm lavender silver-lined seed beads

Green cat eye beads drop shape

Gold eye pins

Gold head pins

Gold lobster claw

Gold jump ring

Crimp beads

Gold crimp bead covers

Round nose pliers 

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters



Step 1: Make dangling layer 

1st, pick an eye pin and slide on beads in the order: navy, blue, gold, gold, blue and navy;

2nd, loop the end with round nose pliers and bend the whole pin into a bow shape; and prepare the other 9;

3rd, pick a head pin and slide on beads in the order of green, gold, blue and navy;

4th, loop the end with pliers; then in the same way prepare other 6; 

5th, arrange them into the dangling pattern that is shown in picture;


6th, as per the pattern, combine all the units together.


Step 2: Make base layer

1st, snip a piece of tiger tail wire that measures about 50cm;

2nd, attach a lobster claw clasp to one end of the wire with a crimp bead and a crimp bead cover;

3rd, string on beads in this order: blue, navy, gold, blue, lavender, gold and repeat;

4th, when the length of the base layer reaches about 40cm, stop to attach jump ring to the other end of wire in the same way.

5th, find the center part of the base layer, and attach your dangling layer to it.


The finished layer necklace is like this:


Tada! The personalized charm necklace is done. This layered necklace is a great idea to try, especially in the 5 colors shown; compared to other layered patterns you can find on web, this is one of the most creative and stunning ones! 

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