Jewelry Makings Instructions- Handcrafted Necklace with Lilac Pendant

Summary: We will show you the specific instructions for this handcrafted lilac necklace; this is an easy-to-understand handcrafted necklace tutorial for you.

I inspired myself from lilac flowers when creating this necklace. However, you can choose any other flower as inspiration. This necklace idea was inspired by others’ work, which I favor very much and thus I tried to handcraft necklace in the same style.


Materials and tools:

1.5mm green aluminum wire

0.5mm red copper wire

0.5mm green copper wire

4mm yellow seed beads

Tibetan bead caps

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters



Step 1: Make stems of lilacs

1st, take a piece of 80cm of green aluminum wire and fold it in half;

2nd, find a point 10-12cm away from the fold and bend both ends 180 degree up at the point;

3rd, continue bending wire at another point 7cm away from the second folds;

4th, follow the diagram to wrap the rest wire, and thus the branches and stems are done;

5th, take a piece of green copper wire and firmly bundle the stems;

6th, cut open the short folds and loop the ends with round nose pliers.


Step 2: Make lilac blossoms

1st, cut a piece of red copper wire, and 10cm is okay;

2nd, make several coils with round nose pliers on one end;

3rd, slide two 4mm yellow seed beads and 1 Tibetan bead cap on;

4th, attach the semi-finished blossom to a loop of stems and finish it by doing some wire wrapping;

5th, similarly finish the other 5 blossoms.

The final look is like this:


Tada! This handcrafted lilac necklace is done! Although the kind of lilac necklace (pendants) are on sale in every jewelry store, it much more fun and gratifying to make your own! The feeling after handcrafting one is completely different from that after buying one. 

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