Simple Beaded Bracelet - Learn to Make Jewelry at Home in 3 Quick Steps

Summary: This easy craft tutorial prompts you to learn to make jewelry at home, and shows you 3 simple steps to make a pretty and simple rosary beaded bracelet.

If you are unfamiliar with bracelet beading, trying out this simple beaded bracelet is a good choice!  It will help you to establish confidence and interest in bracelet making.

1. Snip a piece of tiger tail wire that measures about 30cm, add a crimp bead and the box clasp on, bring back the wire through the crimp bead, and crimp it down with pliers; use a crimp bead cover to veil the previous crimp bead;

2. String beads onto wire, red round acrylic bead goes first, then bead cap, ivory pearl, bead cap and repeat;

3. Until the length reaches your wrist size, stop to add other part of clasp onto wire and crimp the end in the same way as step 1 shows.


So the simple beaded bracelet tutorial is done. As per your references for color and size, you can combine beads in various ways, and the beaded bracelets might possess different styles at last. 

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