Fashionable Spray Painted Acrylic Beads

Summary: Spray painted acrylic beads are a great material for jewelry making because they have various looks. In our web store, spray painted acrylic beads are available in various shapes, different sizes and colors.

Spray painted acrylic beads are more and more popular in jewelry making. People love their cute shapes and shiny colors. Next, we will introduce them to you from different aspects.

We can divide the spray painted acrylic beads into two groups according to the difference of style: opaque and spray painted or transparent and spray painted. The opaque spray painted ones seem like metal beads. The shiny surfaces give great visual effects. They are very charming and fashionable. The transparent spray painted ones are also special beads. There are different sizes of spots inside the beads. And these beads give you aesthetic feeling and avoids monotony. Both styles have their merits. Which one do you like better?


The spray painted acrylic beads are made into different shapes including plants, animals, round, oval, rhombus and so on. And these beads are available in different sizes from 4mm to 40mm, which can meet most customers’ needs. We can offer you the beads in various colors. So you are sure to find the right beads you want.


The spray- painted coating on these lightweight acrylic beads creates a rich, velvety finish in popular shapes. People love using them to make all kinds of jewelry. You can mix them with other kinds of beads to create your unique jewelry. They can be matched with hooks, jumprings, and pins to be earrings, bracelets and so on. They can also be used as buttons, links and pendants.


You now have knowledge of spray painted acrylic beads. You’re welcome to check and order those you like. Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems. waiting for your visiting:

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