How to Make Multi-stranded Leather Bracelets for Men with Simple Steps

Summary: Learning how to make a leather bracelet for men is regarded as one of the best way to impress and satisfy your male friends and relatives; it is fun, creative, meaningful and inexpensive.

Usually, the jewelry ornaments, are part of lady's daily life and we all have take it for granted. Nowadays, as time changes by, men join in the fashion industry and the jewelry is no longer belong to women only anymore. To take the leather bracelets for example, it provides the durable and stylish materials for men's jewelry. Hence today's topic is all about how to make leather bracelet for men. This ariticle is a multi strand leather bracelet tutorial. Let's start here.

Things will be needed in leather bracelet:

Brass Ribbon End

Brass S-Hook Clasp

Suede cord 

PU Leather Cord

Tibetan Style Pendant

Aluminum Wire


How to make leather bracelets for men?

Step1: Make the necessary leather straps

1. Loop a figure-8 pattern with the aluminum wire;

2. Cut out four stripes suede leather cord according to your wrist size;

3. Attach the suede cords onto the figure-8 pattern by tying two larks head knots and then the sea horse pendant with extra aluminum wire according to the diagram shows.

Step2: Make the leather bracelet

Gather together the three necessary components and clasp with a brass ribbon end. Do the same process for another tip.

Step3: Add on the closure

Attach the brass S-hook clasp onto two tips of your leather bracelet.

After finishing all steps above, today's project about how to make leather bracelet for men may also finish now. Has it inspired you? Or you can just try more collections of Tibetan pendants and leather cords. Today's leather bracelet tutorial comes to the end, and you can also make one at home.

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