Simple Jewelry Making Ideas-One of a Kind Hoop Earring

Summary: Hoop earrings are coming back with a vengeance. So, how to get inspired and whip up stylish but simple jewelry earring making ideas? Just take a look at this tutorial for a 3-step hoop earring.

Making hoop earrings are entirely an attractive and surprisingly simple way to make jewelry. Even a junior crafter can have instant success creating stylish hoop earrings. In this case, I added bright strings into my pattern. Once you have them done, you have a pair of beautiful hoop earrings that you know are totally unique in the word.


Supplies needed for the simple hoop earrings:

Bright 1mm Nylon Thread

Blank Hoop Earring

0.5mm Brass Wire (or 2mm aluminum wire)


Side Cutting Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers


How to make the easy hoop earrings?

Step 1: Prepare the threads

Take the nylon threads and snip into 10 segments of 10cm long for each color;


Step 2: Attach the threads to hoop

1st, take 5 of the Magenta threads, attach to the hoop by tying a Lark’s Head Knot;

2nd, then add the lime green ones, yellows ones and light blue ones.


Step 3: Wrap the wire

Take a 0.5mm Brass Wire (or 2mm aluminum wire) to wrap the Lark’s Head Knot as picture shows.

Repeat the same process for all thread bunches.


So, there is your pair of string hoop earrings!


Thanks to the well-made hoops, making such type of hoop earrings is easy. If you have been eager to join the DIY craze but do not know how to start, one of the best choices is to try one of these simple jewelry making ideas. Nice Day!

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