Style 2: Attaching a Bail with a Handmade Triangle Bail

Summary: The finished project looks a little messy but it is gorgeous. It can make your beads more beautiful. It is helpful for you to learn more techniques about attaching bails. And this technique won’t let you down.


Step 1: Start to make

1st, slide a bead onto a wire.

2nd, use your finger to cross the wires.

3rd, wrap the short piece of wire around the longer piece.

4th, wrap the wire twice.


Step 2: Cut off the extra wires


Step 3: Make the bail

1st, make a loop with the round nose pliers.

2nd, wrap the wire around the base.

3rd, continue wrapping until you reach the wraps made in step 1.

4th, cut off the extra wire.


Step 4: Done!


Here we just made a demo for you. Use this technique with bigger beads and other elements.

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