Beaded Jewelry Design Ideas- Make a Beaded Bracelet out of Pearls and Crystal Beads

Summary: Enjoy a fun day with our beaded jewelry design ideas-an elaborate beading pattern for making a beaded bracelet using pearl beads and crystal beads. It’s actually a wonderful adornment.

How to make a beaded bracelet out of pearl beads, crystal beads and several tiny seed beads? Making a beaded bracelet may sometimes really irritate a jewelry crafter, from selecting the supplies to determining the color palette. In this tutorial is a sample beaded jewelry design idea, 3 different color combinations are included for your reference.


How to start the beaded bracelet idea?


Step 1: Attach the clasp

1st, cut a 150cm long wire strand;

2nd, thread the wire through the loop of the clasp. Adjust to make two ends equal;

3rd, add three 2mm seed beads per wire and then thread through a 4mm bicone bead together;

4th, slide three 2mm seed beads per wire and then we’ll start to bead the bracelet pattern.


Got it? However, though the beaded bracelet pattern is actually easy, the entire project is time-consuming and requires some patience. As the large inventory of beads and charms, beaded jewelry design ideas may vary in cost, style and so on.

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