2-Step on How to Make Butterfly Crystal Earrings with Glass Beads and Alloy Link

Summary: The butterfly crystal earrings fit for this season perfectly. It cost me less than 20 minutes from choosing materials to finish the cheap crystal earrings! Let’s see how to make crystal earrings.

2-Step on How to Make Butterfly Crystal Earrings with Glass Beads and Alloy Link

Does this pair of cheap crystal earrings look cheap? Definitely not! Try combining glossy crystal beads and alloy butterfly link in quite other hues. During the butterfly crystal earrings making process, you may need no other intricate skills or techniques for the customized items. Follow me and how to make crystal earrings is not a problem then.

Supplies needed in the butterfly crystal earrings:

6mm Bicone Crystal Bead
4mm Seed Bead
Alloy Butterfly Link
Brass Bar Link
Earring Hook
Tiger Tail Wire

 supplies needed in the butterfly crystal earrings:

How to start the cheap crystal earrings?

Step 1: Create the butterfly pendant

1st, cut 20cm from the tiger tail wire and then fold in half;
2nd, slide one brass bar link and two 6mm bicone crystal beads onto the left end as picture shows;
3rd, do the same process with right end;
4th; slide the elements on both ends towards the center. Leave 5mm between them;
5th, thread two ends through a 4mm seed beads from different directions;
6th, add on one 6mm bicone bead per wire and affix it by wrapping the wire around it about 3 times;
7th, remove the excess wires.

create the butterfly pendant

Step2: Assemble all other elements

1st, lay one earring hook, one alloy butterfly link, one jumpring and butterfly crystal pendant on flat;
2nd, group them together.

assemble all other elements

See, what a nice pair butterfly crystal earrings!

cheap crystal earrings

Buying well-made crystal earrings can be actually pricey, but this will never stop you from wearing stunning crystal accessory. This cheap crystal earrings is a good example. After learning how to make crystal earrings, you can create more your own style crystal jewelry well.

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