Make your own clip on earrings- a pair of “butterfly loves flower” earrings

Summary: This time I work out a new tutorial which will tell you how to make your own clip on earrings; this tutorial is full of sincerity, as the instructions are made of simple and understandable words and clear photos for every step.


No matter in working place or at entertainment occasions, you, as one member of females, would like to use jewelry to adorn yourself, for example, you might prefer to wear earrings to embellish an overall appearance; however, the problem floats up: you don’t have ear holes; do you have to pierce your ears to enjoy the beauty of earrings? No, just follow this tutorial, you can make your own clip on earrings; then can wear clip on earrings without any obstacle.


The materials and tools you need to make your own clip on earrings are:

Clip on earring hooks

Butterfly and flower charm beads

Jump rings

Pliers and wire cutter


Instructions start from here:

Step 1: make the dangle part of clip on earrings

First, Consider the design and color match details of your clip on earrings;

Second, upon your design, align them on working table;

Third, with pliers, open a jump ring and combine butterfly charm with flower charm;


Step 2: assemble dangle part onto ear hook

First, pick out the prepared clip on ear hook, and open a jump ring, and then slide it through both loops respectively on ear hook and butterfly charm; close up the jump ring.


Step 3: finish the clip on earrings

Repeat the above two steps and make the other one.

Till here the tutorial is over; do you think it is simple and useful? Now you can start to make your own clip on earrings. Once you are adept at making clip on earrings, you can create some new and novel pairs to send them as gifts to your friends.

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