Cat Eye Glass Beads – Reflects Dynamic Brilliance

Summary: We may think that cat eye glass beads look like the eyes of a cat from their name. These beads capture light as bright as the eyes of cat. And they reflect dynamic brilliance that changes with every movement.

Cat’s eye fiber-optic beads get their name from the chatoyant effect which is a reflective iridescent quality that creates a look similar to a cat’s eye. As this reason, many people like using them to create jewelry. And the jewelry made by these beads is also brilliant. Read on for more information about cat eye glass beads and you will love them more.

Cat eye glass beads are handmade into different shapes including round, animals, plants, ship, square and so on. And the colors of these beads are also various, which can meet customers’ needs. The size of cat eye glass beads ranges from 1mm to 39mm. So don’t worry, you will find the cat eye glass beads you need on!


After you buy cat eye glass beads, you can use them to create many crafts and jewelry. You can make DIY crafts to decorate your house. You can also use them to make some accessories.  And the cat eye glass beads can be well matched with other kinds of beads. The finished projects made by these beads will be very shiny and eye-catching. You can try to make some.


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