Plated Acrylic Beads- Amazing Pendants for Jewelry

Summary: Plated acrylic beads are handmade into different styles which can meet your different needs. These plated beads have a shining surface and will surely make your jewelry more beautiful.

In our web store, plated acrylic beads are reasonably priced and lightweight, allowing you to add gloss and texture to your jewelry designs with little money. In the following part, you can get more information about plated acrylic beads.


Plated acrylic beads are handmade into five styles: UV Plating, Color Plated, Metal enlaced, Metallic Plated and Pearlized. The UV Plated acrylic bead surface is electroplated UV material which makes these beads look very lustrous and special. The Color Plated acrylic beads, with rich color and decent models, vastly highlight the modern fashion and beauty of your designs. The Metal enlaced beads are very attractive. Richly-colored beads are poured with a metallic coating after being engraved with the desired patterns. The Metallic Plated acrylic beads are charming and versatile. They have a decent appearance and bright colors. As for the Pearlized acrylic beads, they have a pearlized appearance. The sophisticated craft gives these beads a shiny surface. The five styles of plated acrylic beads have different characteristics. You can choose one to be your jewelry materials.


In our web store, we offer you plated acrylic beads in various colors, different sizes and shapes. You can use them as beads, pedants, links and buttons or as you like. They can be used to make all kinds of jewelry and decorate your bags, clothes, furniture and other objects. Hope the plated acrylic beads can make your life more beautiful.


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