Free Jewelry Making Ideas- Build Your Own Charm Necklace

Summary: One of the free jewelry making ideas we have come up with is to show you how to build your own charm necklace with silver foil glass beads.

We share these free jewelry making ideas with you, hoping that you can find your favorite and enjoy this handcraft activity. In this tutorial about building your own charm necklace we can witness how a silvery foil glass bead makes a difference.


Materials and tools:

Handmade silvery lampwork beads

1.5mm black aluminum wire

1.5mm black nylon thread

Flower acrylic beads

Jump rings

White glue

Eye pins

End tips

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutter 



Step 1: make bead links and wire wrapped links

1st, on an eye pin, slide a pink flower bead on and wrap a loop on the end;

2nd, similarly prepare the purple one;

3rd, pick a piece of 15cm black aluminum wire and wrap it around a pen;

4th, wrap the right tail around pen again to shape a “8” pattern;

5th, coil both ends with pliers;

6th, the wire wrapped links are done.


Step 2: combine them with thread

1st, pick an eye pin and uncoil the “eye”;

2nd, coil one end of it around above black aluminum link, slide the big glass bead on and coil the other end of the eye pin around the other black aluminum link;

3rd, add flower bead links to both ends;

4th, snip a piece of black nylon thread that measures about 30cm;

5th, add a bit of glue onto the thread, and then insert the thread into the end tip;

6th, slightly squeeze to ensure the end tip won’t fall off. 


The final look is like this:


Tada! The tutorial for bulling your own charm necklace is done. For more free jewelry making ideas, keep an eye on our Learning Center contents that are often updated, you will be surprised. 

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