Creating Jewelry- DIY Handmade Earrings with Copper Wire

Summary: Creating jewelry can be simple! This tutorial will to teach you how to make a pair of handmade earrings with copper wire and acrylic beads.

Creating jewelry is a great fun for people of various ages and occupations. You don’t need any preparation, just join us for this handmade earrings tutorial.


Materials and tools:

White flat round glass beads

0.5mm red copper wire

2mm white seed beads

8mm white acrylic beads

Silvery iron chain

Ear hooks

Head pins

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutter



Step 1: Make a chain dangle

1st, snip a piece of chain that measures about 5cm;

2ndona head pin, slide a seed bead and an acrylic bead on and thread it through an end link;

3rd, with round nose pliers make wire a wrapped loop with the tail of the pin;

4th cut off excess tail and identically make the second wire wrapped loop over the other end of the chain, and the third one over the 4th link above.


Step 2: Finish wire wrapped focal

1st, pick a piece of 15cm copper wire and bend both ends into a right angle;

2nd, make a wire wrapped loop on one end;

3rd, make a wavy pattern on a flat glass bead and wrap this end around the other;

4th, thread the other end through the fifth link of chain and make a wire wrapped loop with pliers;


Step 3: Add ear hook on

Slightly open the loop under the ear hook and attach it to the whole earring dangle.


The final look is like this:


Tada! The handmade earrings tutorial is done. If you have any good idea about creating jewelry whether based on this tutorial or not, just tells us!

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