Piezo Glass Beads-Colorful Glass Chips

Summary: Piezo glass beads look very normal, but they are good materials for jewelry making. These beads cleverly simulate natural quartz inclusions and striations. They have smooth surfaces and delightful color.

If you are a jewelry making enthusiast, you should pay attention to this kind of bead. These beads are mainly made into glass chips which have a look similar to naturally colored quartz beads. In our web store at Pandahall.com, all the piezo glass beads are excellent in quality and reasonably priced. 


We also have piezo glass beads in rondelle, rectangle and trapezoid shapes. And they are made into different colors such as purple, yellow, green, black, red and so on. We have these beads in various sizes from 4mm to 40mm in diameter and the hole size ranges from 1mm to 2.9mm. We believe you can find the one best for you. 


They are transparent. The chip glass can be made into necklaces or bracelet. And the jewelry made by chip glass looks nature inspired. You can also use them to decorate your bags, furniture and other objects. And other shapes of piezo glass beads look gorgeous. Design with the look of crystal at a fraction of the cost when you use these beads. Delightful color and ideal size are suitable to be used to make necklace, bracelet and other accessories. You can match them with other kinds of beads and the finished project will show different style. Please develop your potential to create more wonderful projects.


These beads are rare, so please hurry to check out and buy the ones you like:


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