How to make leather bracelets for women

Summary: how to make leather bracelets for women; beaded leather bracelet.

Compared to crystal pattern, this beaded leather bracelet seems to be more sedate and modest; moreover, my bracelet, composed of black leather cord and exquisite Indonesia beads, is featured by its fascinating ethnical style mixed with retro fashion. I strongly recommend to you the tutorial about how to make leather bracelets for women.

The materials and tools for how to make leather bracelets for women:


Black leather cord

Indonesia beads

Charm Pendant 

Bead tips

Jump rings



The detailed instructions:
Step 1: bead on leather cords
First, cut 2 pieces of leather cords, both measure about circumference of your wrist;
Second, slide beads and knot to make sure 1 bead between 2 knots;
Third, trim off excess cord to guarantee they fit for your wrist once combined together;
Step 2: assemble leather cords together
First, install bead tips to both ends, and be sure that the ends won’t fall off from tips; so here I suggest use a bit of glue;
Second, open a jump ring, slide first leather cord, charm pendant, and second leather cord in turn, and then close jump ring;
Step 3: finish beaded leather bracelet
Add clasp to both ends by jump rings;
Adjust the length of beaded leather bracelet again to make it fit for your wrist;
Till here the tutorial about how to make leather bracelets for women is over and the gorgeous beaded leather bracelet is born in your hands. Although it lacks a few of shines, it harvests more uncommon auras of uniqueness.

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