Copper Wire Jewelry- Royal Badge Pendant Necklaces for Women

Summary: Huge selection of supplies for copper wire jewelry is available at a reasonable price. If you lack good ideas for how to use wire, try out this fleur-de-lys pendant necklace for women?

Copper wire is an essential material for copper wire jewelry making. For visual interest, they are also provided in multiple colors and sizes. I chose gold to make this fleur-de-lys pendant necklace for women tutorial.


Materials and tools:

1.5mm gold aluminum wire

0.3mm gold copper wire

Gold iron chain

Round nose pliers

Flat nose plier

Wire cutters




Step 1: Make wire wrapped fleur-de-lys

1st, pick a piece of aluminum wire that measures about 30cm, and then fold it in half;

2nd, open and curl it with pliers, and the water drop shape is done;

3rd, straighten the wire tails;

4th, fold both tails into half;

5th, wrap the folds around round nose pliers and make a pair of cute loops;

6th, wrap tails around the handle of the awl and adjust the circles with pliers;

7th, pick another piece of aluminum wire that measures about 10cm;

8th, coil it around the parallel part of wire tails;

9th, cut off extra length of wire and make a loop at the bottom of the pendant.


Step 2: Attach pendant to chain

1st, use copper wire to combine both ends of the gold chain, and prepare a gold jump ring with round nose pliers;

2nd, attach the pendant to the gold chain.


The final look is like:


Tada! The tutorial  for the fleur-de-lys pendant necklace for women is done. Copper wire jewelry can yield so many interesting results. So go ahead and try it out to see what you can create!  

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