Antique Acrylic Beads, Classic Beads for Making Crafts

Summary: Since so many people like the vintage style and antique jewelry is more and more popular, antique finish acrylic beads are a hot item to have.

The antique acrylic beads are lightweight, have a lustrous appearance and the antiqued effect makes them look more charming and fashionable. Many of my friends wear jewelry made by the antique acrylic beads. The jewelry is individualized and beautiful. You will be very outstanding if you wear it. So next, let’s learn more about antique acrylic beads, and you will love them.


Our acrylic antique beads are available in various styles. Some are like antique porcelain and some are like the Tibetan style beads. The metal colors include antique silver, antique golden bronze, antique bronze, red copper and black. And the antique acrylic beads are made into many shapes such as pants, animals, skulls, hearts and so on. You don’t need to worry about shape, we got you covered! We can also offer you the beads in different sizes ranging from 1mm in diameter to 39mm. We believe that you can find the beads you need in our web store.


Once you have ordered the antique beads, you can use them to make jewelry. The characteristic antiqued style acrylic beads are designed especially for themed jewelry pieces. They can be matched with hooks, jumprings, and pins to be earrings, bracelets and so on. You can also use the antique acrylic beads to make small crafts, and then use the small crafts to decorate your house. The antique acrylic beads have other usages waiting for you to find. 


You are welcome to check our antique acrylic beads and purchase those you like:

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