Attaching a cord end-style 3

Summary: The first two techniques are with a cord and a cord end. But this technique has no cord end. We are going to make it.

Are you interested in learning it? Please prepare a piece of wire and leather to make it.


Step 1: Wrap the wire

1st, thread the leather through a jumpring. Place the wire on the leather and start to wrap the wire.

2nd, wrap the wire around the leather.

3rd, keep wrapping the wire.

4th, continue wrapping the wire down to the cord.


Step 2: Cut off the extra leather

Step 3: Add a lobster claw clasp

1st, repeat the above steps for another side of the leather.

2nd, connect a jumpring with a lobster claw clasp to the leather.

3rd, close the jumpring.

4th, finish the both ends of the leather.


Step 4: Done!


Congratulations! You have mastered this technique. Hope it can be used in your project. 

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May 11, 2015 at 07:06 AM Jennifer White

Hi, I can't tell from the photo--what gauge wire was used in this project?