Mother of Pearl-Simple and Decent Beads

Summary: You may wonder what mother of pearl is. Mother of pearl, also called nacre, is a flashy layer of material that forms on the shell lining of many mollusks. It is widely used as an inlay in jewelry, furniture and musical instruments. Learn about mother of pearl beads in by reading on.

In the past, mother of pearl was regarded as a more desirable material for jewelry making than pearls are today. Let’s explore the reasons why it was so popular. 


At first sight, you might think that mother of pearl is very simple except for its iridescent surface. But without any adornment, just its character of ordinary and liberality can win many customers favor. And as this characteristic, mother of pearl won’t steal the limelight from other kinds of beads when it is matched with other beads. They have their own uniqueness.


Mother of pearl beads are rare, so they are precious. In our web store at, we have these beads in shapes including flat round, heart, flower, fish, hexagon and rectangle. And for size, these range from 10mm to 40mm in diameter. Mother of pearl is also handmade into several colors such as black, blue, green, dark red, brown and so on. Although this kind of bead is less produced, they are very popular. And they are amongst our hot items in our web store.


Mother of pearl is very special and every piece of jewelry is slightly different. It is handmade into a button shape and into beads. So we can use it as the button of our clothes. We believe your clothing will be very outstanding with these buttons. You can also embellish necklaces, bracelets and even cell phones with these beads. 


Do you want to create distinctive jewelry? Do you want to make your objects more beautiful? Mother of pearl can help you. Choose this kind of bead and we are sure you will love it. It is available in packages and wholesale. Welcome to visit our webpage at:

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