Easy Beaded Jewelry Bracelets for Kids to Make

Summary: This tutorial introduces very easy and fun beaded jewelry bracelets for kids to make. Create an opportunity to help children experiment with color intensity and color mixing.

This tutorial uses 4mm round seed beads and jumprings as the main materials in this beaded jewelry bracelets for kids to make. It’s an absolutely safe activity so all children may take part in it freely. Plus the steps are super easy without any established patterns. You’ll love it!

Supplies needed in the beaded jewelry bracelets:

4mm Round Seed Bead (3 colors)


Lobster Claw Clasp

Flat Nose Pliers

Details of bracelets for kids to make:

Step 1: Design the "beaded" jumprings

Open your jumpring with pliers. Slide 3~5 seed beads in any color combinations.

Repeat the process for an array of such beaded jumprings.

Step 2: Connect the beaded jumprings

Assemble the beaded jumpring parts 2 by 2 (or 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 or randomly). Close the jumprings with pliers.

After that you will get a chain as below.

Step 3: Add on the clasp

Reopen the starting or ending jumpring, slide on the clasp and then close it off.


This is a great craft activity idea for when the children are stuck inside due to the blazing sun or pouring rain. Just be prepared and look forward to your children’s achievements. Later, we'll often update an array of easy beaded jewelry bracelets for kids to make. Just stay tuned!

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