Bracelet Making Instructions-How to Make Easy Bracelets with Pearls and Cat Eye Beads

Summary: Bracelet making instructions that teach you how to make easy bracelets, for both kids and adults ; it is a delicate and adorable accessory that is inexpensive to create.

Bracelets consisting of beads and string are one of the easiest beading projects, especially with bracelet making instructions about how to make easy bracelets. They are usually short and require less patience and time than others. So, just get back to the project today!

Supplies needed for the bracelet making instructions

6mm Cat Eye Bead
3mm Acrylic Pearl Bead
Box Clasp
0.3mm Nylon Wire

How to make easy bracelets?

Step 1: Take a 80cm-long nylon wire. Slide four 3mm pearl beads and form a loop at the center location. 

Step 2: Add one pearl bead on each end and then cross the two ends through the same pearl bead.

Step 3: Repeat the step 2 for another more 3 times. At the final loop, replace the last pearl bead by a 6mm cat eye bead. Each 5 beaded loops form a group.

Step 4: Feed 3 cat eye beads on each end and then pass the two ends through an extra cat eye bead that you add. Turn over the last bead and then weave the ends through 3 beads on the left and right sides. When you exit at the top two beads, take another cat eye bead and cross the two ends through it.

Step 5: Repeat the pearl bead group and cat eye part for 2 or 3 times more.

Step 6: At the final loop, secure the two ends by tying a knot. Stuck the ends through 1 or 2 adjoining beads and then remove any excesses.

Step 7: Attach on the box clasp by two jumprings.


With these bracelet making instructions, you bracelet may be finished in merely minutes using nylon wire and round beads. You can learn how to make easy bracelets for yourself or give it away to a friend once you’ve finished!

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