Blue Spot stone- Shows a Special Charm

Summary: Blue spot stone is a kind of exquisite gemstone. These beads are lustrous in appearance and have beautiful shapes. They look so different from other kinds of beads. They are not modern but seem like works of art.

Blue spot stone is a stone of hope. It is a peace and tranquility stone. It can not only calm the mind, but also promote understanding into your spiritual nature. Since it is so magical, why not figure out the secret. Next, we will describe it in details to let you know it better.


The blue spot stone is made into round, oval, abacus, flower, heart, rectangle, tube and twisted shapes. Since it is called blue stone, you know it is mainly a blue color. But we also have some in purple. They are a natural stone. Blue spot stone is available in different sizes from 4mm to 29mm, which can meet your different needs for size. Although we don’t have a wide range of selection, blue spot stone won’t let you down if you choose it.


Blue spot stone with irregular blue spots on surface are captivating and distinctive. It can be great a decoration for jewelry making and for your house. You can blend blue spot stone with other style gemstone beads, sparkling glass beads and pearlized beads to create your own individual jewelry. They are quite good to make into bracelets and necklaces which certainly show your elegance. You can also use them to decorate your house. It can reduce quarrels in the household and create a calming atmosphere. So we can say the blue spot stone has wide usages. 


This gemstone is high in quality at a reasonable price. It is worth having some in your supplies. You are welcome to visit our web store to get more information about it:

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