How to Make a Cute Bracelet out of String for Valentine's Day

Summary: Making bracelets out of threads will be a wonderful gift for your girlfriend. Think about her happy smile and irresistible excitement, do you have the desire to make this valentine s day bracelet and present it right before her eyes on that day. This tutorial will help you quickly finish the gift.

Valentine day needs various wonderful ideas; what your girl probably wants requires your careful observations and considerations in daily life. Recently yarn bracelets adorned with rhinestones become eye-catcher among women; if she happens to want valentine s day bracelet, you can just follow this and make this chain and string bracelet.

The materials and tools:

Deep pink nylon thread

Rhinestone chain

Satin ribbon


Jump rings

Lobster clasp

Flat nose plier

Round nose plier

Full instructions:
Step 1: make a nice top end of bracelet
First, snip a strand of rhinestone chain 4 times as long as your wrist circumference; and then snip ribbon and yarn 5 times the length of wrist;
Second, slightly fold one end of yarn and glue it to a jump ring; in this way attach ribbon to the same jump ring;
Third, glue rhinestone chain onto ribbon.
Step 2: braid rhinestone into yarn
Make 3-strand-braiding with yarn, ribbon and rhinestone chain; never stop braiding until the rhinestone chain is used up.
Step 3: finish the bracelet with clasp
Attach lobster clasp to another jump ring; and then glue yarn&ribbon to this jump ring, rhinestone chain to ribbon.
So far, the valentine's Day bracelet is finalized! This chain and string bracelet is also in another popular style: simply stacked style; I guess this valentine s day bracelet will be green eyed by others.

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