How to make beaded jewelery- floral necklace warms your heart

Summary: This time I would like to introduce you a simple and elegant necklace tutorial how to make beaded jewelery- this tutorial will show you the detailed way to make beaded sunflower necklace.

Recently, floral necklace becomes a trendy item in jewelry making circle; in the cool autumn days, it seems that people are more willing to wear jewelry which can call up the memory about warmth and liveliness; so our beaded sunflower necklace is born. Follow our tutorial how to make beaded jewelery, work out this special floral necklace for this vivid autumn.

The materials and tools:

4mm yellow seed beads

2mm pink seed beads

10mm pink glass beads

Tiger tail wire

Crimp beads

Jump rings


Flat nose plier

Round nose plier 

Wire cutter

The instructions start from here:
1. Make the beaded sunflowers
First, snip a piece of wire about 12cm, and thread 14 yellow beads onto it;
Second, make one end back through the last 4 beads, and go through a pink glass bead;
Third, keep this end backing through the first 3 yellow beads, and then tighten this end;
Fourth, make the other end back through the first 3 yellow beads, the pink glass bead, the rest 7 yellow beads and the first 3 yellow beads; tighten the wire, make a firm knot and trim off the excess wire, so one beaded sunflower is done;
Repeat above process to prepare 8 for next use.
2. Make the necklace
First, Snip a piece of wire about 20cm long, and add pink seed beads on; between 2 beaded sunflowers there should be 8 pink seed beads to space the flowers; the first layer is done.
Second, snip another piece of wire about 30cm long, and slide pink seed beads on; the pink seed beads should be slightly longer than the first layer; then the second layer is done;
3. Finish the sunflower necklace
When the length meets your requirement, stop adding beads and install clasp on;
At last, trim off the excess wires.
So far, I end tutorial about how to make beaded jewelery here. In this tutorial, beaded sunflowers are most important components to do; fortunately it is never an unconquerable work. 

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