Simple Jewelry Making - Make a Necklace in a Pink Collar Pattern

Summary: This week starts with this simple jewelry making tutorial- how to make a necklace in a glittering collar pattern that is fashionable and suitable for this sunny season.

Simple jewelry making can help you through important formal occasions! Can you believe? All the jewelry, whether luxury or bauble, is either handmade or machine-made. Despite the value of materials, handmade jewelry is always superior to mechanical. Here we teach you a way to make a necklace in a spiffy collar pattern.


Materials and tools:

4mm deep pink glass beads

Head pins

Silvery iron chain

Jump ring

Lobster clasp

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters



Step 1: Prepare beaded units

1st, pick a head pin and slide one bead onto;

2nd, cut off extra length and leave a short tail for wire wrapping;

3rd, loop the short tail with round nose, the one-bead unit is done;

4th, similarly make two-bead, three bead and until seven-bead units; prepare corresponding amount as pic shows.


Step 2: Arrange units onto chain for collar pattern

1st, cut a piece of chain (proper length according to your judgment);

2nd, fold it in half to find the center link, and attach the seven-bead unit to it;

3rd, continue attaching units from center to both ends; each two adjoining units has a two-link gap;

4th, the collar pattern is arranged like the picture shows.

5th, add lobster clasp to one end of the chain.


The final look is shown below:


This simple jewelry making project is done! Thanks for reading. When planning to attend an important social occasion, such as a business party, you probably need a shining and elegant necklace to match a formal gown; suppose you don’t have one and no time for shopping, why not try making a necklace in this pattern, simple and time-saving. 

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