Free Jewelry Making Tutorial- Chandelier Earrings

Summary: In our website; we have diversified styles of free jewelry making tutorials. Today the project is about silver chain mail earrings making.

A few jump rings can be used in elegant chandelier earrings making. Sometime I stand petrified in front of those glamorous chandelier pieces because this kind of jewelry seems huge and extremely exquisite beyond your first impression to make. This free jewelry making tutorial will show you to make such a pair of earrings!.


Materials and tools: 

Jump rings

Silvery metal alloy beads

Ear hooks

Head pins

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters



Step 1: Attach ear hook and connect jump rings

1st, open a large jump ring and slide 6 small jumprings on it; 

2nd, add the ear hook on and close the large jump ring; 

3rd, use 3 small jump rings to link the previous 6 respectively;

4th, connect the doubled jump rings to each of the 3;

5th, add the last 3 jump rings.


Step 2: Add silver beads

1st, with round nose plier prepare 3 iron bead units;

2nd, attach bead units to last 3 jump rings one by one.


The final appearance is shown as below:


Tada, the tutorial of chandelier earrings making is finished! Free jewelry making tutorials are continuously presented in our Learning Center; we welcome more readers to enjoy reading and crafting here!

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