Cheap Personalized Jewelry- DIY Wire Wishbone Pattern Earrings

Summary: With aluminum wire and stone beads you can make cheap personalized jewelry in a quick and easy way! This tutorial is going to show you how to make DIY wire earrings in a wishbone pattern.

Crafting Cheap personalized jewelry not only saves money instantly, but also attracts crowds’ attention easily. You can use different beads, wire and findings to make DIY wire earrings in various versions to follow this summer trends!

Materials and tools:

1.5mm bisque aluminum wire

0.5mm bisque copper wire

Cubic millefiori glass

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters



Step 1: Make earring dangles

1st, cut two pieces of aluminum wire that measure about 10cm;

2nd, slightly bend it in half with round nose plier;

3rd, cut a piece of 15cm copper wire and coil it around left side of one beaded aluminum wire ;

4th, coil 5 times, stop to add a cubic bead on and then coil around the right side;

5th, do another 5 times and cut off excess copper wire;

6th, repeat above process to make the other dangle.


Step 2: Attach ear hooks to the dangles

1st, with aluminum wire and pliers make a pair of ear hooks;

2nd, open the loop of the ear hooks and attach dangles to them;

3rd, flatten the ends of earrings.


The final look is like below:

<span "="">Now the DIY wire earrings tutorial is finished! So are you satisfied with the wishbone earrings? With sufficient supplies, you can create more cheap personalized jewelry pieces. Prepare a stack of earrings, and give a go to this summer jewelry binge.

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